Yukon Tours

Midnight Sun Inn & Vacation Rentals is proud to provide Whitehorse and area tours, as well as Northern Lights Viewing Tours.  We have our own accommodations and tour guide teams to ensure that our price is competitive and your trip is enriching and memorable.  We are local Yukoners, who have been in Yukon for many years. We are experienced tour guides who can answer all your questions and provide excellent advice to plan a great time in Yukon, both for this trip and future ones!  Services are provided in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.
Our tours are enriched and comprehensive.  You will experience local sights, museums, outdoor sports, Indian crafts, Northern Lights, the Midnight Sun and so much more.  You are assured of having a 360 degree Yukon experience!  Our Northern Lights Tour is one of our signature tours because we take you to different sites with high probability of seeing the Northern Lights, as opposed to being limited to one location with lots of waiting.  Please call or email us today (Toll-Free: 1-866-284-4448, Business: 867-667-2255, email: info@midnightsunbb.com).  We will be very happy to assist you and look forward to seeing you in Yukon, enjoying our wonderful nature, SOON!

Whitehorse City Tour

An informative tours that features all the local highlights and sights to see.